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Leading Trade Kitchen Suppliers Based Near Edinburgh

Do you want to give your kitchen a personalised touch?

As one of life’s most important investments, a kitchen should reflect someone’s unique tastes, personality and lifestyle. Our kitchen experts can transform any space with furniture tailor-made for your unique household.

Leading trade suppliers for bespoke kitchen and bedroom furniture.

We can customise everything from the style and colour, to the layout, for a room that ticks all the right boxes. Our team has many years of experience creating kitchens which are genuinely bespoke.

Our craftsmanship, customer service and personalised touches are second to none.

Whether you’re after focal points like islands, or over-mantles and ornate detailing for an elegant look, Haig Kitchens will create the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle. We balance your desired look and style with functional layouts and stunning features. All furniture is created at our factory and showroom in Livingstone.

Our kitchens will be a true testament to your individuality, with your personality reflected in everything from the door handles to the accessories.

If you’re looking for trade kitchen suppliers in Livingstone, contact our friendly team today.

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